Casual with Ryan Proctor

Casual with Ryan Proctor featuring Angela Percival #44

May 4, 2021

This is Angela Percival and this is EP #44. Ange is the staff photographer at Arc'teryx and has been at for like 15 years(?). I met Ange in 2011 when I started working there and we were commuting buddies for a few years. Ange has been around the world for work and travel and we talk all about it. We talk about her inspiration, being meaningful and what role we all play in life, and what our contribution means to the world around us. She tells me how she watched her home town burn down around the family home while visiting her family back in Australia. We also discuss what being home really means and a bunch more. It was great and I really enjoyed catching up. We talk photography, too.

Thank you for the time, Ange and I look forward to our next chat or pedal or ski...

Thanks as always for those who listen or watch. Everyone of you count and I appreciate it!


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