Casual with Ryan Proctor

Casual with Ryan Proctor featuring Ty Clevette #41

January 25, 2021

EP #41 and Tyler C. is back for a fourth time?  I can't remember.  Don't let the intro fool you, the audio is fine. Just a little peep into the BTS of this giant media corp.

We talk about Tyler lending me his XBOX One which leads us into gaming for a bit, then we talk about quicksand, Alien motives, the difference between saying you are on Holiday and Vacation, selling cars, german actors, when is haggling appropriate, horrible highway construction, flipping your friends off after they wave to you, not recognizing people fast enough, and bunch more stuff.

Tyler is funny as, mate!  Always good to have him on the show. Thanks again for the chat, Tyler!

All the listeners and watchers are the real GOAT's.

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